7.2.2 Study

Activity Progress:

The meeting on "discipline" starts and some of the group members immediately have contributions to make. One says:

"Managing classrooms is a very broad topic of study and is often not adequately taught at teacher training institutions. In many cases it is taken to be only about the discipline and control of students. Student behaviour is a factor to contend with, but student management does not necessarily have to directly involve disciplining the individual students."

Another committee member adds:

"This project is not about classroom behaviour, but teachers may find this issue an obstacle to successful teaching and learning. If behavioural issues are restricting our success as teachers we should brush up on The Basics of Good Classroom Management – Part 1 – Prevention."

You add:

"Effective teaching is not about effective discipline, but about managing the classroom effectively. This is the assertion made by Harry and Rosemary Wong in their article in the The Gazette, a teachers.net publication. It is worthwhile reading why they consider procedures to be so important, especially how they distinguish between discipline and classroom management. It's a lot about managing the warmware and less about the hardware."

  1. Join the group discussion for your design group called "Group <number> Classroom Management".
  2. During this discussion draw on your experience with technology integration and the most relevant points of the suggested reading.

  3. Collaboratively try to decide on a small list of the most important principles of good classroom management (try to identify no more than six principles). You  may like to open an online collaborative document for this purpose.


Once you have completed your discussion, adjourn the meeting and click on Mark Complete (first time) or Next Topic on future visits to this page.

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