1.1.3 Apply

Activity Progress:

  1. Click here to see the survey results analysisCompare your responses with the responses of all respondents. How do you rate your progress compared to this sample?
  2. Create a document or media file of your choice in which you present a statement as follows:
    • Provide a summary of no longer than 500 words about your technology integration status and how you would like to see yourself developing. How do you think the social learning model will suit your learning needs?
    • Save the document with the file name <yourname>_mystatus. e.g. Joe_Blogg_mystatus.doc
  3. Click on the Upload Assignment link and upload the final version of your file.
  4. Your feedback from your tutor will be provided by email.

Rubric for this assignment:

0-1 2-4 5-7 8-10
You have not described your status or view of social learning. You have either significant omissions in the completeness of your comments or the reference to social learning. You have commented about your status and progress, but could have made more reference to your view of social learning. You have made insightful comments about your status and progress and your view of social learning.


Once you have uploaded your document you will be able to click on Mark Complete  (first time) or Next activity and continue to the next activity.

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