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Social learning

In her blog Learning in the Modern Social Workplace Jane Hart posted an article called 5 Stages of Workplace Learning. These are shown as the 5 stages in Figure 1 below. You will be able to identify with instructor-led training at your school or other training venues (Stage 1) and you may have experienced technology-based training, now known as e-learning (Stage 2). A blend of facilitator-led workshops and facilitated learning with technology is considered an evolution in professional development because there is less reliance on formal, controlled learning and you are beginning to be more in control of your own informal learning. Social learning (Stage 4) is (in the words of Jane Hart) “simply adding-on social (and even informal) functionality to the traditional model of learning”. In this CCTI course we are trying to provide you with as many social and collaborative opportunities as possible, and assume that you will take control of your learning. Through conversations with you group you can add a significant component of very beneficial informal learning to your CCTI learning experience.Figure 1: Evolution of approaches to professional development

  1. Consider which stages of professional learning shown on the image you experienced prior to your participation in the CCTI courses.
  2. Read Professional Development in Social Learning: 3 different skill areas​
  3. ​Use this article as the basis for discussion with your group in the group forum called “Social Learning. Through your discussion determine what actions your group members need to take to support each other as social learners.
  4. Prepare a paragraph comment in which you summarise the main points of your discussion and relate these to your personal experience of professional development. Keep this for your assignment in the next section.

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