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Activity Progress:

An audit

In order to plot your progress with technology and its integration within the curriculum you have to ask yourself: “What are the factors that influence my progress with technology integration in my teaching and learning?”

Here are some factors that could influence a teacher’s progress with technology:

  • Attitude
  • Digital literacy competence (digital in this case refers to devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and similar digital devices)
  • Self-belief
  • Gender
  • Teaching experience
  • Workload
  • Professional development
  • Accessibility to technology
  • Technical support
  • Leadership support

Do you think that these are all valid factors influencing teachers’ progress? What could you add to and what would you remove from this list?

  1. Access the group forum topic called “Factors influencing progress with technology”. Provide your input to the discussion by indicating (with reasons) what you would add to and/or what you would remove from the list above.
  2. Click on this link to a survey which covers all the items of the list above.
  3. Complete the survey form and click on Submit. We will analyse the result later.
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