1.5.4 Reflect

Activity Progress:

Remember that you use your personal blog/wiki for your personal reflections on what you have learned. This is accessible to the people you invite. 
The course wiki is a site where you and your research group are collaboratively creating the content for a website as you share and review the resources you find. This is accessible to a global audience.
Your social bookmarking/content curation site is where you share useful resources on your professional development goal with the global community.

blog_icon_smallReflect on what you have learned during this lesson by posting your thoughts to your personal blog wiki.

  • Do you still feel lost as an individual seeking professional development?
  • How is your participation progressing in your PLN?
  • How has your PLN helped you in completing the tasks of this lesson?
  • What are your impressions of the power and pitfalls of collaboration with your research group and on the wiki page?

When you are ready to continue to the next activity, click on the Mark Complete button below (first time) and Next Topic on subsequent visits to this page. Return to the Lesson Page and mark the lesson as complete as well. You will then be able to continue to the next lesson.

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