1.5.2 Study

Activity Progress:

Research staff development websites, blogs and wikis


  1. Use the discussion group for this lesson and share ideas about the criteria one should use for evaluating educational websites.
  2. Develop and upload your list of evaluation criteria and await your tutor’s feedback.
  3. Working on your own, locate five blogs, wikis or websites that support professional development for innovative teaching.
    • Pay attention to the distinction between blogs/wikis used as resources for students and those for teachers.
    • Consider sites that cater to both your professional development goal and to staff development in technology integration generally.
  4. As you find and review these sites, add the best of these sites to your social bookmark or content curator site.
  5. Share the real jewels you find with your friendship circle and/or discussion group.

You may like to look at some of these sites to start with, then explore more widely:

No reviews are given here because this is your task in this case.


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