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Static websites, blogs and wikis

In the various sections of this lesson you will be looking for sites that support teacher professional development. Some of these sites will be static information sites; others will be blogs or wikis. What is the difference between these three basic types of website? Table 1 summarises how these sites are typically used:

Table 1: Summary of uses for static websites, blogs and wikis
Static site Blog Wiki

Static information dissemination

Promoting an organisation or point of view

Links to other sites of information, blogs and wikis

Interaction with readers often not high on the priority list

May link to the organisation blog(s), Facebook page or Twitter channel

Edutopia website 

SchoolNet SA website

One primary author

Expression of ideas and reflection 

Communicating successes and pitfalls

Dissemination of information

Facilitates "in the moment" thought

Audience affirmation and reaction sought through comments

Edutopia Technology Integration blog 

SchoolNet SA blog

Collaboration between many authors

Authors engage directly with the content

Discussion between authors and readers

Idea development 

Project collaboration 

Content creation by students


Can you think of some other differences? As you progress to the next part of the lesson, consider this table and what additions you can make to it. Consider which kind of sites are the most useful for teacher professional development. 


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