1.4.2 Study

Activity Progress:

Social bookmarking is one method of curation, but it does not encompass it.  In particular, social bookmarking particularly lacks the ability for the curator to add significant context and commentary. It also offers curators a limited ability to organize content (through tags only).(www.quora.com)

What are the pros and cons of the various social bookmarking and curating options? Here is one page where you can start, then explore further by yourself.

Social Bookmarking vs Content Curation

Explore comments from reviewers and users online, then go into these sites and experience them. Make notes about the advantages and the limitations of the sites you visit.

forumFinally, go to the lesson discussion group called “Curating Resources” and share what you have learned with your group. Mention what sites you have accessed, what the reviewers said and what you experienced.

Make a decision on whether you will use a social bookmarking or a curator site based on what you have learned in your own exploration and the input you have received from your group.


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