1 Setting the Scene

The Challenge

You are an isolated teacher in a school in your country. You sometimes feel “lost” professionally. You know that there is so much you could do to enhance your teaching and manage learning and/or other education issues more effectively with technology, but you just do not know where to start looking for support. We challenge you to address this insecurity in your professional life and develop a platform for accumulating and sharing professional development resources and ideas.


In addition to a final assessment you will be assessed on a portfolio of achievements as follows:

  1. Submit a summary of your current state of progress in professional development.
  2. Create your own professional learning network.
  3. Upload a video to your YouTube channel.
  4. Share your social bookmarking  or content curation site.
  5. Share your reflections in a personal blog or wiki.

As a final product of assessment you will prepare a multi-media presentation using the tool of your choice. In this presentation you will:

  1. Convey your enthusiasm about technology resources for professional development;
  2. Promote professional growth planning using ICT;
  3. Tell the story of your own professional growth journey throughout this course;
  4. Conclude with a set of recommendations for the entire school staff.

Note: You are not required to develop a school professional development plan in this module.

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