1.6.2 Study

Activity Progress:

Study the survey results

  1. Wait until you have received the returns from your needs assessment survey.
  2. Study the information you have gathered. If you conducted the survey together with a colleague, discuss the results with him/her.
  3. It will be useful to include one or two charts showing the most significant survey results in your final assignment presentation (to be completed after this lesson). You may like to prepare these now so you can see the results more visually for your own benefit.
    • Idea: If you simulate the survey in a Google Drive Form (such as the one we used in the Where Am I? lesson) you can copy your survey results into the results spreadsheet and use the Google survey analysis graphs. Click here to see how to do it.
  4. If there are aspects of the survey that puzzle you or you do not know how to address a specific need that has been expressed, share this with the group under the Survey Analysis forum topic.

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