1.6.1 Prepare

Activity Progress:

In this lesson you are going to consider and plan for the technology integration professional development needs of your colleagues in your institution.

Before you do that you will need to know the answers to questions such as:

  • How well prepared are your colleagues for their own technology integration journey?
  • What is the level of their technical skills?
  • What is their understanding of technology-integrated teaching and learning?
  • If you were to implement a professional development programme at your school, what social and infrastructure factors would you have to consider?
  • Would the resources you’ve curated throughout this course be useful to your colleagues?  How so? 

​​What other information do you think is important to gather in order to establish their needs?


To find the answers to these questions you will need to survey your colleagues. If there is another CCTI student at your school doing this same module, work with him/her in designing a survey to establish the answers to the above questions. If someone has done this survey during the previous year, use that data and confine your survey only to missing data.

The survey will have to be non-digital because some colleagues who might need the most support may not have the necessary skills to access technology in order to complete the survey.

Do not gather unnecessary data such as gender and teaching experience; keep it short and just focus on establishing their needs. 

Once you have drafted your survey questions, use the facility at the bottom of this page to upload it to your tutor for feedback before implementing it. This is not part of the assessment requirement.

Once you have received feedback from your tutor you can click on Next Topic to continue.

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