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Activity Progress:

Join social media networks

If you have not already done so, join or follow two social media networks which you researched in the previous lesson section. This should be in support of your own professional growth goal which you identified in the Who Am I? lesson.

assessment2In your own time, but before the end of this course, report to your tutor about your findings. This is your second assignment task. Use email to attach a simple document to your tutor in which you:

1.    Provide the details (links to your account pages) of the networks you have joined;

2.    Apply a checklist of your professional learning criteria (which you developed in the Study lesson section) to each network;

3.    Mention some useful online resources and people that you have encountered and what they have had to offer you in achieving your professional development goal.

The document should be called “<yourname>_social_learning”.

Once you submit the document your tutor will use this rubric for this assignment:

0 1 2
You have joined no social networks You have joined one social network You have joined two social networks
0 1 2
You have not applied your checklist to either network.  You have made some comments but not used a checklist You have applied your checklist to both networks.
0-1 2-4 5-7 8-10
You have not made many connections at all and have found no resources. Even though you have made a few connections you have not found many useful resources. You have found either human contacts or information resources (but not both) which are useful to your professional development goal The resources, both human and information, you have discovered through interaction with people will strongly enhance the pursuit of your professional development goal.


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