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Exploring social media networks

What do you look for in a professional development experience?

  1. Access the group forum topic called “Professional development criteria” and explain the criteria you would want a successful professional development experience to meet.
  2. Through your group discussion, develop a list of criteria you would use to evaluate a professional learning network.

You will now explore and evaluate at least two options of social media tools and their potential for meeting the criteria you have set up in the discussion.

Note: You are advised to read the terms of service and understand that there are privacy and copyright implications related to using commercial social media tools. 

You may already be registered with one or more social media networks, but have you established their potential for your professional growth? You may choose any networks but some obvious choices could be:

fb Facebook

Many people have Facebook accounts for social reasons. If you create a second account for professional development you will be able to like pages and read the live feeds of blogs and websites on your wall. Here are some useful resources which you may like to study:


Twitter is one of the most popular resources for educators who want to connect with each other professionally. Read the following resources to learn more about Twitter:


Follow the feeds others share and joining in the discussions held there.

peopleMicrosoft Live.com – People

Microsoft offers you Skype which you can sync to other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.

Note: For other guides on HOW TO do things with technology, conduct a search on wikiHow. This will contribute to solving your problems and enable you to help yourself when others are not around to support you.


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